Wicked  - Sara Shepard

This one was a struggle for me. Not just because I was having issues sticking with a book, but because this one was just slow. 

The ending was just as lack luster for me because I kind of saw it coming. And who they thought was A, I kind of knew it wasn't. Yes, there was always that possibility it was, but you just knew that person couldn't be it. I think I might have my suspicions when it comes to the book series but at the same time, I'm still not totally sure. Because so many hated them. And there are people in this book I wouldn't be too disappointed if they were killed off in this series. 

Hopefully the series will stay interesting enough for me want to finish them. With there being a total of 16 books in this series, it needs to stay interesting! I think 16 books is a bit excessive in my opinion (and that doesn't include the books .5 & 4.5)...But I guess she figured there was a reason in behind it all, so I will do my best to get through the series. I still have books 6-10 plus books .5 & 4.5 to get through. I doubt I will allow myself to buy any other books until I get through majority, probably all of the books before I buy others. 

My reviews probably won't be too long when it comes to the series because with so many books being out there, I'm not really seeing what can possibly be said after a while but I could be wrong and will take it book by book.