Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout

(Although Shadows is included in the book, I want to rate & review them as the two different books that they are)

As a fair warning, if you have not read Opposition yet, you may not want to read my review...It may get a little Spoiler-ish....

Let me start off with the positive, the book was good, and I think some of my issue is that I marathon'd the series and I was kind of burned out when it came to reading because I have been reading so much lately. It had it's normal drama, funny & I love them times. It was a wonderful ending to a great series. JLA ended it the way it should have been ended. 

Now, on to what I didn't like and this may get a bit lengthy, may make a few people upset and get a bit spoiler-ish so I would stop reading now if you continued reading past the first warning and have not read the book yet. 

Although I still loved Daemon throughout this book, his possessiveness, jealousy & controlling ways really got under my damn skin throughout the first half of this book. There were so many times I wanted to throw the book because Daemon was just taking it too overboard. Many situations that should have been checked by Katy, wasn't..maybe it's because she's young and she doesn't see how his behavior is negative and so not cute at all. He is a possessive, jealous, insecure & controlling person over his sister as well, but it seemed worse with Katy. The good thing about Dee is though, she will get him told and where to take his mess if he took it too far with her. Even Dawson would get to the point he would go toe to toe with him if he needed to. 

Much of the book was kind of predictable in many ways. I can't even remember half the places I saw things coming before they came. I think I read and finished this book because I had gotten so far in the series and didn't want to give up on it, but I knew if I had put the book down, it may have been months or even a year before I picked it up again because I had a negative thought process started when it came to the book. Again, like I said, it was a good book, well written..blah blah blah...I just wasn't feeling it/liking it the way I wish I could have. 

For those of you who loved it and don't agree with my review, well, I would say I'm sorry we don't agree but, um, I guess I'm not really..for the simple fact that we are all going to think differently about books...

This is not a stab at JLA's writing..because the series as a whole for me is a strong 4.5/5 stars (Seeing that I haven't read Shadows yet, I will just count the 5 books without the Novella). So, Ms. Armentrout or to any of her publishers that may come across this particular review, just know, I love the series...And I am not intending to put your writing style down..It's just to say that in this one case, I wanted to beat the hell out of Daemon throughout much of this book! lol...Maybe that was the point?!?!