Redefining Diva: Life Lessons from the Original Dreamgirl - Sheryl Lee Ralph, Karen Hunter
I loved this book. She is the person that I always thought she was. Respect for herself & others. She never came off as being perfect or "holier than thou". She told things about her life without giving away too much information. I love to see how she always did her best to "bow out" of situations with as much dignity as possible but yet, she let us know that she wasn't always perfect in doing so...My respect for her grew even more...Because she didn't attempt to come off as Ms. Perfect {at least not from what I saw in reading this book.}...I enjoyed the book a lot more than I expected to. That's why I gave it a 5/5...I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked it up..Sometimes I will pick up a book about someone and the writing style is just horrible {there's been at least one or two of those kind of biographies/autobiographies that make you wonder..why did they even try? lol}..But this one, for me personally, made it hard for me to put down...And I love books like that...You don;t want to sleep, you barely want to move until you are done with it! But, we all have things to do and/or kids to