God's Amazing Grace - J. Bennett Collins
I was struggling with it in the beginning and kept losing interest and having to reread some parts because of that loss of interest but once I did tune in to the book I was able to get something out of it that was much needed for what I am dealing with right now.

For me, it was just an okay read. I would suggest to anyone who wants just a quick read and hopefully get a little something out of it, but I wouldn't put a high recommendation on it and will tell you to get out of it what you can.

I think I got out of this little e-book I needed to get out of it & to help me push forward a little bit in my walk with the Most High & to know His grace is always there, even if we don't see/feel it...To just hold on to your faith & believe He will answer you when he needs to.

And I also learned that there is a difference between GRACE & PITY. And he gives a great example in the book...But you will have to read it to see what it is! :-)