Checkmate - Malorie Blackman
Checkmate (Noughts & Crosses #3)
Read: 8/11-8/28/13
Rating: 4.5/5 I don't know exactly what to say about this book. But, let me start off by saying that the only reason it too me so long to read it was because it was a battle of wills....A part of me wanted to read, the other part of me that didn't...It wanted to do everything But read...So, that's what I call a true slump! lol..Now, on to trying to put into words what I feel about this book:
I struggled between giving it a 4 or 5 Star Rating, that's why it is at the 4.5 Stars. I really did enjoy this book. I can say it was amazing but very intense..just like the first two books. I really did enjoy this one a lot more than I did Knife Edge. I think for me, with Knife Edge, it was a tad bit boring, but yet, I wanted to find out what happened..but I now believe that I should have taken a break between Black & White (Noughts & Crosses) & Knife Edge...Maybe it would not have seemed so bad...I almost gave up on the whole series because of Knife Edge but a part of me wanted to find out what happened with Callie Rose, so I didn't read for a couple months. Then, I found the Callum e-book. I am so glad I did. That is what got me back on this series. Anyway, back to Checkmate.This book, like I said, was amazing, but it was such an intense read for me. Like the other two, there were parts in the book that made you mad, hurt your feelings, broke your heart, etc. And that is what makes it so hard to read. There are some people that can read all books back to back and be fine with it, but I just can't do it I realized. But I do think it is one of my favorites this year. I am beyond curious what is going to happen in Double Cross, the final book in this series.I have the book on my shelf, but I am going to try to read another book before reading Double Cross to give myself a break from all of the intensity. I can say that it will be hard for me not to pick up the book and read it now. But I know if I try to do it now, I won't be able to finish it or get through it right now. For me, this is a book you have to prepare yourself for and be in a place you can handle all the things that go on.I think this books kind of falls into the Dystopian Genre....And normally I am not really into dystopian books...But because of the topic of this series, it makes it more interesting for me because I had always thought about "What would happen in this society and how would people feel if the rolls were reversed?" And Pow! Here it is! lol...I have seen people post/comment about her being racist solely on the topic of this book..well, I don't know her personally so I cant say whether she is or not...But I can say that I don't see that as being the case with this book...I see this series for what it is...A Roll Reversal. So, anyone who is considering reading this book...Regardless of your race, creed, gender, etc do not go into it with race in mind..Go into it just for what it is...What I mentioned before "Roll Reversal"...If things were turned around, how would things be handled? How would people feel? React? etcBut, I have said too much so I will end here...Thanks for reading all of this. :-)