The Slither Sisters - Charles Gilman
This is the second book in the "Tales from Lovecraft Middle School" series. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book Professor Gargoyle, when I got to this one, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about The Slither Sisters because when I am surprised by the first, I usually dislike the second book and don't go on in the series. But, with The Slither Sisters, I went into it with that mentality and didn't expect much, and I am glad I did. I didn't get my hopes up which made me enjoy The Slither Sisters.

It's some what predictable, but not exactly so much in some parts that you can tell exactly what was going to happen...Well, for me anyway. But I guess for a woman my age reading a middle grade book, I guess not too much should surprise me! lol....That's not a bad thing of course. Maybe someone my 11 year old's age, it may not be quite so "predictable"...But I may not let him get a hold of these books until at least next school year (his 6th grade year). It's not that the books are overly scary but at his age, it might give just enough spook factor. He's not really into scary stuff and for me, that's kind of good because at his age, it was Freddy Krueger!! and I loved it! So, I'm hoping he doesn't really get into anything beyond stuff like this series... Because I was always a little nervous after watch horror movies, especially Amity-ville & Exorcist type of movies...and I still don't like woods (Jason/Friday the 13th) lol

But, I digress....

So far, I am enjoying this little series, but I am not in a hurry to move on. I own the first two books, now I need to purchase the others. I normally try not to buy series until I read at least the first one (borrow it from the library)....I'm the same with stand alone books as well but I will buy those before a series.

I digress, again...

So, if you have middle graders and you don't mind them reading books like this, but don't want anything too overly creepy like R.L. Stine..Then this might be okay...But, I'd still rent it first and read through as least through the first one just to make sure its something you'd want your child to read.