A New Beginning (Book two of the Cliverton Estate Saga) - Kris Actira
I am enjoying these little stories so far. The first two are written as if the granddaughter of Molasses is reading her diary. This book is only 33 pages. This is a collection of short stories about a slave girl adopted by the Lady of the Big House. And all the trials she has to go through while living in the home.

I am not sure when I will get to the third book: Restoration (Book three of the Cliverton Estate Saga). But when I want something quick and easy to read, this will more than likely be the book I go to. I have the book on my Kindle, but I have so many other books to get to. And still have two books that I had started prior to this one to finish. I just wanted a quick read to help me get back on the reading track.

All of these books can probably be read in one day if you have time to just sit and read because they are so short. There are about four books in this series total (may be more but I only know of the four)

If you like historical fiction based around slavery, and/or want something outside the box, that are short easy reads, I would suggest these little stories.

Books in order by Kris Actira:
1. They Call Me Molasses (Book one of The Cliverton Estate Saga) (Approx. 17 pages)

2.A New Beginning (Book two of the Cliverton Estate Saga)(Approx. 33 pages)

3.Restoration (Book three of the Cliverton Estate Saga) (Approx. 28 pages)

4. Home Again (Book four of The Cliverton Estate Saga) (Approx. 43 pages)

As of this post, all books are no more than $2.99, the cheapest I think is .99 cents(U.S. dollar amount). If you are a Amazon Prime Member, books can be rented but keep in mind that you can only rent one book a month. I think I either got the first free or had gotten it for 99 cents. If you have Nook, I did not see it on the Barnes & Noble website when I typed in the first book.