Miss Julia Takes Over - Ann B. Ross
This book for me was just meh

The only reason this book got a 3 over getting a 1.5 or 2 stars was because of the last couple of chapters. I finished reading the last 120 pages or so over night. This, after me attempting to read it since December 2013. For a while, I thought it had more to do with me being extremely stressed for a while because when I get that stressed, it's harder for me to read and stay focused on even the best books. This book for me, even under good circumstances was boring. It was that way for me because they mostly talked about NASCAR it seemed. Sometimes, it would just drag out too much for me.

The other thing that irritated me about the book was Miss Julia's ways seemed amplified in this book. It was just annoying for me. At close to the end of this book, I decided to look over some reviews of the book and I saw that many people felt the same way I did about this particular situation. I still adore Miss Julia for her wit and how smart she is.

There was a new male character in the story, J.D. Pickens, that I grew to love in the book because he just wouldn't take Miss Julia's stuff! And of course the old ones from the first book that I still loved.

In the last chapter or two, I began to see potential in one that I wasn't sure would develop sense about himself but after something began to hit home with him. And even Miss Julia seemed to see some things about herself that needed to grow and change; hopefully that will show up in the next book. I will try to continue on to the third book in this series Miss Julia Throws A Wedding. I hope it is better than this one. I really do love the characters and don't want to give up on it, but I don't want to waste my time, or keep books that just aren't worth continuing. (I have 6 more books on my shelf in the series..of what I believe that has about 15-16 books total so far in the series).

This is a book I will have to replace because the cover is tearing and a few pages fell out towards the end of the book.