All Fudged Up - Nancy CoCo

Still on this one because I am just not reading once I lay down at night because I'm usually so sleepy, a lot on my mind or messing with my phone. During the day, it's harder for me to sit and read now because I'm usually fairly busy and/or watching TV, listening to music, etc. Hopefully I will be able to get it finished soon, there are other books I want to read. I usually do two books at once: (1) One that is on audio (2) One that I have to sit/lay down to read. And many times, I finish the audios quicker. Seems like I've finished at least 2-3 books since starting this one because I have been on the computer a lot more lately. I go through those phases sometimes that it seems like I just want to be on the computer more than anything during the day, but that has helped me get through some books that I need to get through (ones I can find/have audios for).