Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life's Riches Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success (Hardback) - Common - Steve Harvey

It took me a little while to read it because I kept having to stop...I would lose focus on just listening to the audio, so I had to pick up the physical book & follow along to help me focus

The book was good, and worth reading, especially for those that may be trying to push forward in their lives. For many, this book may be common sense and they've already been told all of this, but sometimes, a refresher is a great thing...For others, all of this may not be so common sense for this because they may not have had that mentor(s) in their life to teach them the things they needed to know in the areas he is speaking of in this book.

Just like his previous two books on relationships...For many, it was common sense and many already knew, mostly because they figured it out over time, had help from males in their lives (fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, etc) and/or it may not have fit their lives because the type of men he talked about, weren't the ones some were dealing with. Well, this book is the same way. Go into it expecting to at minimum, get some refreshers...and if you get more out of it great...if not, then, well, I don't know what to tell you! lol...

For me personally, I got a little out of each chapter...some things I already knew, but need to buckle down and apply to my life, so it was more of a motivation and a kick in the pants to get it together! The thing I loved the most, was chapter 15 when he talked about the different types of haters...That right there was worth buying the book alone! And at the end of some of the chapters, there is space to answer questions/statements about what you need/want to do in that particular area in your life in order to move forward...That's another reason to buy the book (for me). I'm one that can pretty much take this book for what it is in my life..A refresher that is kicking me in my pants...I wont let my pride get in the way and think: Oh, I know all of this already...he isnt saying anything new for me...well, maybe not...but that doesn't mean I can't take out of it what I need to take out of it and hold on to it and use it...Overall, the book was worth reading... :-)