The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion - Fannie Flagg

This book is!


And, as I kind of figured, I don't remember everything I wanted to say, but let me see what I can come up with that does this book justice.


I can start off with the one negative thing I have to say: She got a bit long winded it seemed in some parts, but I guess much of it needed to be said..It all added up in the end. 


Now, on to the positive. This book was sweet, quirky, funny, cute, & all about the growth of Sookie (nope, no vampires in this one). Her wonderful husband and children. Her wonderful but sometimes overly nosy friends and neighbors.


And her mother, Lenore? OMG, I wanted to strangle her sometimes! I guess she meant well but good gracious she was a bit much. She was a Southern Woman in her 80's, and as many know, sometimes, southern moms can be a bit much and every so often, be a bit overbearing (as a woman in the south, I've seen many overbearing mothers in their upper years). But, I'm sure there are mothers like that all over the world! lol Now, I may upset some with this statement, but hey, it is what it is. And if you take note of the bold and underlined sometimes  and can be up there. Thankfully, so many of us have tamed down a bit! ;-)


But, I digress. 


I really loved this book and the narrator helped a lot as well. She read the book at a little slower speed than what I read, but she made it easier to get through because of some of the long drawn out parts.


As with Fried Green Tomatoes, I just had to finish this book to see what happened. That's just how Fannie Flagg writes. She makes you want to finish because you want to know how she is just going to wrap it all up. As much as I liked adored, Fried Green Tomatoes, I think I really liked this one so much more. The only reason it got a 4.5 stars was because of how I felt some parts were a bit drawn out at first..but it smoothed out as the story went on. 


I do have one other book from her that I bought recently that I hope to get to soon. :-)