Zorgamazoo - Victor Rivas, Robert Paul Weston

This was the cutest little story that was written all in rhyme! 


It was about a little girl named Katrina Katrell and her friend Morty. Katrina was the one who wasn't afraid of adventure & Morty who didn't think he could ever do an adventure because he thought he wasn't good enough! Both learned so much from each other in this little story that seemed to have been based some where in Scotland based on the accent of the Narrator, that I adored! And the fact that Loch Ness was mentioned. 


So much happened in this 288 page book that I couldn't even try to tell any of it. this is a great book for children of about age 5 on up. Whether read allowed or to themselves (those who are ready for chapter books..depending on the child). It's just enough creepiness in it that you do need to base it on your individual child and what they like and don't. So, those that like children's books/middle grade...This book is worth at least a try. I generally am not into middle grade books except maybe in classics, and even then, I'm not always first to pick them up. I like the more, would may be today's YA (maybe? Would Little Women be kind of YA'ish? Although I do like the Oz series and kind of like Chronicles of Narnia a bit but those books are individual based)


I really did love this little story & the narrator was, for me personally, amazing! Just too cute for words!