Four: The Son: A Divergent Story (Divergent Series) - Veronica Roth

Another Great novella!


There is one part I kind of saw coming...And another part, I kind of hoped for but wasn't quite sure about...but ended up happening kind of the way I had hoped (that's a lot of hoping kindas! lol)


If I keep in this track of Divergent Novellas, I'll have the final one done by the end of the week...But I guess we will see what happens :-)


I'm still trying not to have my hopes too high for Insurgent but willing to go into it somewhat hoping I like it and can finish it...Hopefully Insurgent doesn't have the "typical second book  slow/boring pace" to it. (No, not all books in trilogies or series are like that but so many have been unfortunately and I sometimes have found myself not finishing series/trilogies because of the second book)