Prodigy (Legend #2) - Marie Lu

Right now, I'm listening to this on audio because I didn't want to wait on the


The only issue I have with is that when you listen to the book it doesn't show you how far along you are in the story like audible does (shows in the corner) so I don't exactly know how far I am in the book exactly. Even with the minutes for how long the book is, I had to look up how many minutes there were in in a 10 hour 10 minute book..So, even there, I'm still not 100% sure how accurate it


So, when I do the times to make an update for everyone to see..the time will always be approximate and I will try to remember to say/put approx. some where as a reminder the time may be off by some and/or, I will just put the chapter I'm on until I can get the book to read along with then I will just go by the book then and put up the page amount. But, that's only if I don't get finished with it first but I tend to lose focus when I am just listening to books so I tend to need both, even if I am doing more listening than reading at the time..Its nice to have both just in case I lose


I did like Legend enough to try to carry on in the trilogy, hopefully I'll be able to finish all three books. :-)