Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

The book is good, but a bit too slow for me right now. After reading Bleach Blondes, I knew I needed something more action/paranormal...But I picked this up anyway. So, I am going to put down Isla and try to pick it up after I read another book or two...or I just might buy the book and read it when I feel like reading it. I picked this book up along with quite a few others from the library so I want to try to get through as many of those as I can...What I can't get through (either because I just wasn't feeling the book or I just didn't have time to get to them)..I will just take them back and pick up more (if I feel like borrowing more books..I still have a lot of books on my shelf to finish but needed something different and wanted to try to see how i feel about some of the newer books or books Ive been wanting to read but dont want to buy or cant because of finances or not wanting to buy them because I've never read that particular authors books)