Beach Blondes: June Dreams, July's Promise, August Magic - Katherine Applegate

OMG..Finally Finished it!!

There were a few times there that I wasn't quite so sure I would make it through this book! And it's not that it wasn't a good book, it was just long! I had a few times of being bored so I would put it down for a few hours or until the next day then when I picked it up again, I was able to get back into it.

And, have I said lately that I hate this cover?!?! lol

Summer Blondes is a bind up of three books, set in three months of summer. There is so much that went on in this bind up of books that even if I wanted to explain/summarize what was going on, I might give away spoilers, so, I will just keep it to how I felt about the book itself,as best I can, as a whole.

I can say that the book was fun in most parts, a true summer read, with the main character being named, Summer! She gets to Crab Claw Key in Florida, meets 3 guys and makes a female friend named Marquez, they become fast friends. Summer is in Crab Claw Keys, to stay with her Aunt and cousin, Diana and for a summer of just fun and tanning but she gets a LOT more than what she bargained for, and so do the readers! This book is a huge mix of just a hot mess with some laughter and beauty thrown in too.

Now, I can say that throughout this bind up, especially in the first book or two, there were some typographical errors, but weren't too bad. It's not like every page, or every other page were just riddled with them, but they were noticeable. If you're a grammar natzi, well, you may really notice it! And depending in the level of the G.N. you are, you may not want to read it! lol...But seriously, it isn't that bad...It just looks like they made a mistake and looked over some words here and there when the editing person went over the book. Besides the few mistakes and the occasional boredom, it really was a good book and worth trying to get through. I did go to Amazon and buy the other 3 books in the series; Tan Lines being pretty big as well, but not as big as Bleach Blondes. Tan Lines is 539 pages and Bleach Blondes is 721.

If you like contemporary, especially beach reads, this book may be a good book to look into reading. I'm not sure if many places still have the individual books because these books were written in about 1995. Check your local library to see if they have them. If you like to buy your books and/or don't have a library near you, there's always the local thrift stores, charity shops, used book stores or online places like Amazon, bookoutlet, thriftbooks, etc. Just don't go into it expecting a best seller or perfection. Just go into this book with an open mind and hope you enjoy it! :-)